Our Story


The Maile Foundation originally founded itself (under a different name of course) in 2007. Though not yet solidified, our roots begin in the town of Kailua, HI, on the island of Oahu.

It is here, where we set out with the idea of doing good in this world, and it would be the course of the next ten years that would seek to define not only our philosophy but our identity.


Fast forward to 2019, The Maile Foundation is legally established and co-founded by Kekai 'O Kalani Akita and her mother, Maile Mitchell.

Named in honor of her mom, Kekai 'O Kalani established the Maile Foundation with a board of experts with over 50+ years of experience in leadership, adminstration, scientific research, and business between them.

Together, they sought to bring fourth a non-proit charitable organization that actually stands by it's morals and philosphy. As it seeks to make the world a better place, for all of us (and the animals too).