Our Mission

Supporting art, science, and tomorrow's technology

Our philosophy and deeply held belief has always rooted itself in education. Through a furthered understanding of the humanites and the sciences, we gain insight and wisdom into not only ourselves and to what makes us human, but we begin to realize the capability for human advancement.

Thus, it is a deeply held principle of the Maile Foundation to support all endeavours into technological advancement, scientific research, and the creation of art and human expression.

Enviornmental Sustainability

Like indie rocker King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard famously said, "There is no Planet B." As such, it is our duty and responsibility as humans to respect, nurture, and care for the Earth.

In doing so, the Maile Foundation is committed to being as enviornmentally responsible as possible, and encourages all projects and organizations and movements that seek to do the same.

Supporting the People

The Maile Foundation is dedicated to preserving the civil rights and liberties of all citizens of the Earth. Held deeply in our faith & consitution, the Maile Foundation is commited to upholding the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights everywhere we go and in every project we dedicate ourselves to.

Why? Because without you, we could not exist. It is the people, like you, who help this organization achieve it's dreams; as we work to make a positive change in this world, together.